Laser Procedures

The laser device "Multidiode SLP 90 Watt" used in our clinic is one of the latest products of technological developments. It provides faster, more powerful and also more economical solutions.

Lazer Epilasyon

Laser applications:


Laser rays affect the hair bulb directly and destroy it with local heating doing no harm to the skin and other tissues. Laser provides painless and effortless hair removal during 3-6 sessions. The power level during the laser application is determined by the doctor depending on the skin type and complexion. Laser can be applied in any age and any area; it is not carcinogenic and does not bear infection risks.


* Capillary varicose

* Facial telangiectasia

* Port Wine Stain

* Cherry Angioma

* Spider Angioma

* Vascular nevus

* Residual hemangioma

* Local erithemas

* Venous dilatation

Lazer Epilasyon SKIN PATCHES

* Senile - Solar lentigo

* Benign pigmentation

* Especially effective in the treatment of dark skin patches emerged due to sun exposure, skin thickening named hyperkeratosis and wrinkles.

Intermedic Multidiode SLP Laser characteristics:

* Effective treatment with Super Long pulse

* 6 cm2/2.5 sec cooling system scanner

* Epidermis damage is impossible due to the effective contact of the cooling system

* Treatment spots (6 cm2 – scanner, 12 mm SLP/with a cooling head, 5 mm, 3mm, 2 mm, 1.3 mm)

* Settings of pulse periods, energy levels, laser power, pulse speed and other characteristic

* Automatic treatment program choice depending on the skin type

* Double Super Long Pulse penetration treatment of varices and wrinkles

Lazer Epilasyon lazer epilasyon 7What rules must be observed before the laser treatment?

  • Skin epilation methods such as wax, tweezers, thread etc. must be stopped at least 1 month before the treatment
  • Sun creams with minimum 15 sun protection factor must be used
  • Cannot be applied when Roaccutane capsules are used
  • Cannot be applied upon open wounds
  • Cannot be applied upon lesions of skin diseases like herpes and warts
  • Hair clarifying cream applications must be stopped at least 1 month before the treatment

Lazer Epilasyon lazer epilasyon 3Is laser treatment suitable for everybody?

Laser can be used with patients of any age and sex except pregnant women. However patients with sun or solarium tan must wait for a while before having laser treatment.

Is the procedure painful?

This procedure is absolutely painless thanks to the latest technological MultiDiode Laser self-cooling system used in our clinic.

Lazer Epilasyon lazer epilasyon 1How many sessions does it take?

No laser treatment on earth is able to remove all unwanted hair at one single session. You should immediately leave the place where you were promised such a miracle. Depending on the skin type, hair color and area, 3-6 sessions are necessary.

Why is it impossible to solve the unwanted hair problem at one go?

The life of every hair consists of active (anagen) and passive (telogen) phases. Depending on the area of the body, approximately 5-20 % of the hair is in its active phase. Laser hair removal is possible only when the hair is in its active phase that is why more than 1 session is necessary. Every session leaves less hair, and that is the way to minimize the unwanted hair.

Lazer EpilasyonHow long are the sessions and the breaks?

Laser treatment procedure is very short compared to the other procedures. Depending on the individual response the break makes 1-4 months.

Is any special care before or after the treatment necessary?

Usually no special care is necessary after laser treatment. However sometimes the skin clarifying therapy can be applied to tanned skin. After laser treatment it is very important to protect your skin from sun exposure that is why the patients are recommended to use creams with high sun protection factors.

What must be the condition of hair before the treatment?

During the first procedure all hairs must be minimum 1 mm long. That is why it is very important to stop any depilation 2-4 weeks before the course. 7-14 days later newly appeared hairs will be lifeless and can be easily removed by slight wiping off.

Lazer Epilasyon lazer epilasyon 2Is it possible to get back to the usual daily activities immediately after the procedure?

After the procedure some patients have slight redness and swelling that will shortly disappear. There is no need to change your usual daily activities.

Can the laser rays damage skin and inner organs?

Can laser cause cancer or infections?

Laser treatment is effectively applied in medicine for approximately 40 years. A lot of researches have proved that laser rays are absolutely safe and have no side effects. Besides, laser rays cannot cause cancer or infections.

What are the prices of laser treatment procedures?

As the price depends on the size of the area it can be determined only after meeting the patient. However, the latest technology developments used in our clinic help find the most economical solutions. In our clinic preliminary consultations are free of charge.

Can any kind of laser be used for epilation?

Four types of laser devices are used for laser epilation (Ruby, Alexandrite, Nd:yag, Diode Laser). The best results are achieved with Alexandrite and Diode Laser. Diode Laser has minimum risk of side effects and is the safest among them. Diode Laser that is used in our clinic and approved by FDA shows perfect results in removing even the most stubborn hairs.