LPG Endermologie

LPG is a method based on the endermology technique and approved by FDA. It is a super modern massaging method that provides complex activation and a negative pressure to the skin and subdermal tissues with endermological draw in - draw out movements. The latest model of computer technology based LPG Cellu M6 worked out by a French company helps achieve perfect results in cellulite treatment. Cellu M6 Keymodule has 3 different heads that are used depending on the skin peculiarities and problem areas of a patient. Each of them has motorized rollers with the speed, direction and intensity being independent from one another. The computer system of the device has got a wide range of programs and protocols to consider the peculiarities of every patient.

LPGWhat are the results of LPG treatment?

Increase in collagen and elastin secretion due to skin lipid tissues stimulation.

Increase in muscle tonus due to active and passive muscle tissues stimulation.

Increase in regional metabolism due to the stimulation of lymphatic and blood circulation in problem areas.

Fast edema removal in cellulite sites.

An LPG course provides general body slimming and "orange peel" reduction.

How is the LPG treatment applied?

An LPG course consists of 10-20 sessions each 35 minutes long. LPG application is based on the programs and protocols chosen in accordance with the patient's peculiarities. A patient is provided a specially developed LPG body stocking to wear during the sessions. This body stocking helps relax and increase the effect of the LPG procedure.

LPGIs the device important in Endermology?

Endermology is a special massage technique, and the only device that applies it is LPG. LPG is a sophisticated technology product in terms of mechanic, electronic and computing processes. That is why it remains the only approved device in the endermology sphere. Unfortunately, on the market there are a great number of forged devices.

In what cases is LPG used?

  • Cellulite treatment
  • Body contour correction and regional slimming-lifting
  • To increase loose skin tonus and elasticity
  • To fasten the post liposuction recovery process and remove skin roughness
  • To soften scars after plastic surgery and remove skin roughness
  • Sport traumas
  • Physical treatment procedures (fibromyalgia, tendonitis, lumbalgy, cervicalgy etc.)
  • Post traumatic and burn scars
  • Post traumatic and post surgical edemas
  • Lymph edema treatment