Mesotherapy is a method of medical injections into the middle skin layers. Mesotherapy was first applied in 1952 by a French doctor named Michel Pistor and has become widely spread by now. Nowadays mesotherapy is used in a lot of countries by doctors who have qualification certificate in this sphere. In France – motherland of mesotherapy – every day this method is applied to around 70 000 patients.


  • Medical mixtures are chosen according to problem treated
  • It is applied in small doses
  • It is applied to the problem areas only
  • Special thin 2-6 mm long needles are used
  • Specific application techniques are chosen depending on the problematic sight

MezoterapiIn what cases is this method applied?

  • Aesthetic problems
  • Cellulite
  • Regional slimming
  • Hair loss
  • Skin regeneration
  • Anti-aging
  • Wrinkle treatment
  • Acne
  • Puberty and pregnancy stretch marks
  • Face rejuvenation
  • Wound scars

What is mesolifting?

Mesolifting is an ANTI-AGING mesotherapy procedure that has been very frequently used in recent years. During the procedure anti-aging medical substances are injected into the face skin. These are the substances frequently used in mesolifting.

  • Vitamin A; it increases skin elasticity by controlling epidermis cell growth.
  • Vitamin E; due to its antioxidant effect removes harmful free radicals.
  • Vitamin C; increases collagen production and decreases melanin production.
  • Amino acids; being the base of protein amino acids help regenerate damaged skin sights.
  • Ions Na, K, Ca, Mg; restore the skin metabolism by boosting cell activity.
  • Salmon DNA; Increases the synthesis of skin tissue proteins.
  • Co-Enzymes; fastens the regeneration process in skin tissues carried out by enzymes.

Mesolifting results:

  • Skin quality refinement
  • Face wrinkle reduction
  • Slow-down of new wrinkle formation
  • Face peeling effect
  • Skin patches reduction
  • Regeneration of pale and tired skin exposed to smoking and environmental harm
  • Acne reduction and acne scar removal

Is mesotherapy effective in cellulite treatment?

Female hormone estrogen retains water and salt and increases fat storage in subdermal lipid cells. As a result immovable lipid accumulates inside the connective tissues, which manifests itself as rough spongy skin appearance known as cellulite.

As cellulite has nothing to do with general fatness it is impossible to get rid of it by dieting, exercising or other slimming methods. Cellulite formation is influenced by a lot of factors like hormone changes caused by puberty, pregnancy, pre – menopause period, abortion, delivery and miscarriage as well as use of contraceptives, excessive sugar and fat consumption and genetic disposition.

Nowadays, a number of cellulite treatment methods are applied but unfortunately some of them have got neither a scientific basis nor real effect. The most effective method of cellulite removal is mesotherapy. The aim of this treatment is to regenerate the lymphatic and blood circulation, destroy lipid accumulation and thus remove cellulite tissues. Therapeutically dieting and physical exercising help fat burning and provides a better result.