Skin Care -Facials

Skin is exposed to the external influence the most among the body organs and its healthy appearance is in your hands. Nowadays only the right and regular skin care applied by qualified specialists and at home can help you have healthy, beautiful and shining skin and look younger tomorrow. Skin care procedures are aimed at the regeneration and firming up the natural balance of your skin with developed cosmetic products. The main target of this procedure is to provide a healthy, normal and polished appearance of the skin of any type. A detailed skin analysis is performed by a qualified specialist that is why all cosmetic products and procedures applied are chosen depending on the patient's skin peculiarities.

In D-K Clinic before the skin care procedure a detailed skin analysis is performed with a corneometer, sebumeter and melanometer. It allows determining the most suitable and maximally effective skin care products for this very patient. In our clinic during the skin care procedures performed by National Educational Ministry certified cosmetologists we use the device "Sorisa Bellex-08 Excellence II" that is a European quality award winner and the skin care product line "GUINOT".

Cilt bakimiSkin care procedures

Standard skin care:

This skin care procedure performed is strict hygiene conditions with the most suitable products will provide a much better appearance and quality of your skin.

Stages of the standard skin care

  • Deep cleansing procedure performed with the products most suitable to your skin
  • Peeling performed to provide exfoliation of the dead cells of the uppermost skin layer
  • Vapozone (ozone/steam) performed to soften the skin, enlarge the pores and easily clean the blackheads
  • Blackhead removal
  • Skin massage that enlivens skin and increases the blood circulation
  • High frequencies application that provides disinfection, blood circulation increase and skin relief
  • A moisturizing and purifying mask that supplies the demands of your skin
  • Application of the daily skin care products

Special Aromatic Skin Care

Energy boosting essence oils of the herbs rich in active substances and pleasant aroma provide amazing results of the skin care procedures.

  • Special Aromatic Skin Care for the dry skin types
  • Special Aromatic Skin Care for the oily skin types
  • Special Aromatic Skin Care for the sensitive skin types

Cilt bakimiDetox Skin Care

It is performed with the products containing a miraculous herb named GINSENG to remove the toxins and provide the cell regeneration of the skin that suffers from the negative affect of the city life.

Anti-Aging Skin Care

This procedure performed with special products against wrinkles, looseness and patches will be a great help to the daily anti-aging skin care that you do.

Eye Skin Care

It is a special skin care of the most delicate tissue areas around the eyes with the products preventing baggy eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.

Special Mask Applications

A course of mask applications performed to supply the demands of your skin (anti-wrinkle, fat content balancing, toxin removing, relaxing).

Ionophores – Galvanotherapy

Electrical impulses are applied on the minimum level to provide the penetration of the skin care products into the deepest skin layers.


It is a safe procedure of electric stimulation of the sagging skin areas that have lost their tonus performed to create passive exercising of the necessary muscle groups. Passive exercising firms up the loose areas and tightens the muscle structure.

Characteristics of the Skin Care Unit

"Sorisa Bellex-08 Excellence II"

  • Vapozone (steam/ozone)
  • High frequencies
  • Vacuum
  • Spray
  • Brushing
  • Microgalvanic flow
  • Galvanic flow
  • Mild passive gymnastics
  • Intensive passive gymnastics
  • Fat balance care
  • Galvanic mask application
  • Myolifting