According to the scientific researches, muscle electro stimulation performed with infrared rays during the effortless Slim-up procedure provides fast effect with no risk.

Infrared rays coming out of 6 different sources during Slim-up pass though skin layers increasing the temperature of the skin tissues. This provides the increase in blood supply and fat metabolism of the tissues. 16 electrodes fixed in different sites and 3 medical programs spread the rays and provide complete electro stimulation. This method firms up loose muscles and skin.

Slim-Up Slim-Up

An effortless 40 minutes session causes no fatigue and has no risk for the heart. This method can be applied for the whole body as well as for its certain sites. Two Slim-up units make it possible to restore the silhouette of your body.

Slim-Up 3Careful work and researches on Slim-up have revealed that the effect of this procedure shows up very fast.

These are the results of Slim-up treatment:

  • Buttocks, belly and leg muscles get tougher, fat tissues of these areas decrease and the body gets slimmer.
  • Cellulite is reduced.
  • Metabolism increase provides regional slimming of the body.
  • Blood and lymphatic circulation increases.


Slim-up active head developed especially for the face performs face gymnastics (myolifting). The application of sinusoidal waves provides face muscle firming, wrinkle reduction, lifting of baggy lower eyelids and sagging cheeks.