Diğer Alt Başlıklar


In our clinic Electroepilation is applied with a highly effective and safe smart epilation unit "Sorisa DE-6000" that has seven different techniques.

  • Elektro Epilasyon With needles (thermolysis, electrolysis, A and B blend, flash)
  • With gel (thermal probe)
  • With ampoules (galvanic)

Smart Epilation Unit Sorisa DE-6000:

  • Skin sensitivity test
  • Painless needle epilation
  • Thermo-ionic-chemical epilation
  • "Ampoule epilation – Gel epilation" combination
  • Combination of high frequencies and galvanic flow
  • Anaphores-Ph normalization
  • Electrolysis
  • Thermocoagulation 13,5 MHz
  • Blend A; first high frequencies then galvanic flow
  • Blend B; first galvanic flow then high frequencies
  • Different needle probes
  • Personal planning for every patient