Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkles appear due to the decrease of the collagen tissue synthesis in the middle skin layer (dermis) with the advancing age as a result of general drop in skin quality. Weakened skin structure and facial muscle movements increase the formation of wrinkles. Unfortunately, there is no escape from aging. Lines and wrinkles unnoticeable in childhood and youth start catching the eye and getting on our nerves after some certain age. But we should stress that not only aging is responsible for wrinkle formation. Some people start having wrinkles in their twenties while others have enviably smooth and firm skin even around the eyes in their thirties.

Kırışıklı TedavisiSkin is not only the biggest organ of the body but also one of the most important elements of our successful social life as it affects the first impression about us to people around. Dermato-cosmetology being one of the Skin Diseases Specialization branches is aimed at providing a healthier and more beautiful appearance of the skin.

Scientific researches line out 3 factors responsible for wrinkle formation:

Genetic: Genetic disposition is the main factor to determine when your wrinkles appear and how deep and keen they will be. If your mother had her wrinkles late you can be considered lucky.

Environmental factors: Sun rays, dry climate, smoking, alcohol and many other environmental factors determine the aging process and the wrinkle formation of your skin.

Care: Regular application of the right skin-care products not only provides smoothness and firmness of your skin but also delays wrinkle formation.

The aim of D-K Clinic is to help those who want to have healthier skin achieve the desired effect with no harm or damage by using scientifically developed applications. We continually follow the modern technology developments especially choosing the latest system devices with the highest possible level of reliability. In our clinic we perform all necessary examinations and after having detected the problem of a patient we recommend them the most suitable methods of treatment taking into account their financial circumstances.

Wrinkle Treatment applied in our clinic

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