Permanent Make-Up

The procedure known as "micropigmentation" or "permanent make-up" means the injections of natural pigments under the uppermost skin level by a thin disposable needle. Unlike tattoo permanent make-up is applied to the uppermost skin levels and stays for 3-5 years.

Hyper allergic pigment injections that match with your complexion help cover small imperfections and correct shape. It helps look younger and more well-groomed. During the procedure that lasts for 2-3 hours a pricking sensation can appear. However, local anesthesia of the face minimizes unpleasant sensations and provides a comfortable procedure. Depending on the area the procedure lasts for 2-3 hours.

Kalıcı MakyajTo prolong the effect of a permanent make-up the following rules should be observed.

  • Avoid long lasting sun rays or solarium UV exposure.
  • Don't over dry the skin. Don't smoke.
  • Protect the areas with a permanent make-up during chemical peeling.
  • Protect the areas with a permanent make-up during microdermabrasion.
  • Protect the areas with a permanent make-up during when applying creams containing alpha-hydroxy, retinoic and glycolic acids.

During the procedure the following rules must be observed; The procedure must be performed with sterile disposable needles; the other equipment and materials must be sterile and must be used in according with the hygiene rules.

Application areas

  • Brow shape correction (to make a long face look more oval, to make a round face look narrower, to widen the space between the closely set eyes, to narrow the space between the widely set eyes)
  • Permanent brow makeup (to make rare eyebrows seem denser, to correct brow lines or draw a new finer brow line, to make eyebrows look thicker, to create new eyebrows in case of brow loss for medical reasons)
  • Eye-liner procedure (to make very big eyes look smaller, to widen the space between the closely set eyes, to make small eyes look bigger, to make ordinary eyes look more exotic)
  • Lip shaping procedure (to mark the lip contours, to correct the lip contours, to shape full lips, to hide scars)
  • Lip coloring and lip contouring (to stress or change the shape of the lips)