Cellulite Theraphy

Cellulite Theraphy


In medicine cellulite that causes the orange peel effect mostly in buttocks and thigh areas of the body is called hydrolipodystrophy.

Cellulite is not an ordinary fat tissue. It appears because of the damage of the fat tissues located close to the skin. Due to the damage of the fibroid structures (collagen and elastin) located around fat tissue; fat cells get pressed into small lobules and manifest itself as the orange peel effect.

No matter how fat men can be they are very unlikely to have cellulite, while 90-95 % of women suffer from this problem. Cellulite usually develops in the areas of buttocks, thighs, inner parts of knees and ankles, back side of hips and upper parts of the legs.


Is it possible to treat cellulite?

As this sphere is open to speculation, unfortunately, very often one can come across non-scientific promises like

"100 % cellulite elimination" or "final cellulite removal".

For this reason one should not trust this kind of promises. If cellulite has developed once it can be treated only with medical methods. But together with the medical methods there exist some types of cellulite treatment that have very suspicious effects.

Cellulite Treatment and Regional Examination Methods used in our clinic.

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Selulit1What factors cause cellulite?

If there was only one reason causing cellulite it would be very easy to battle it. But there are a lot of factors affecting cellulite formation and the most important ones are as follows:

Genetic: If your mother has cellulite you are very likely to develop it as well.

Hormonal reasons: Cellulite is known to appear or increase during the periods of significant hormonal changes like female puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Female hormone estrogen has proved to increase cellulite. Oral contraceptives increase cellulite as well.

Excess weight: Cellulite is more acute with overweight women. Nevertheless, being thin does not protect from cellulite. No matter how thin we are we all have subdermal fat tissues. Not the deep but the superficial fat tissues are responsible for cellulite developing.

Nutrition: One of the main reasons of cellulite formation is unhealthy and unbalanced nutrition. Fast-food and prepared food, big amounts of sugar, fat and salt in the nutrient budget cause cellulite.

Cola and coffee: As these products have a low nutrition value and high amount of caffeine they increase cellulite by causing edema in fat tissues.

Inactive way of life: As nowadays we leave a lot of daily work to the machines inactive way of life causes plenty of illnesses with cellulite among them.

Smoking and alcohol drinks: These factors affect the development of cellulite as well.

Selulit1Is there a way to protect oneself from cellulite?

If you do not have cellulite or after you have managed to remove or considerably reduce cellulite as a result of a treatment the rest depends on you. Unfortunately, metabolic processes responsible for the cellulite development continue. You can protect yourself only if you make some positive changes in your life style. You should stick to the following rules:

YOU NEED TO LOOSE EXCESS WEIGHT AND KEEP YOUR BODY WEIGHT AT THE SAME LEVEL. No matter how often cellulite is observed with thin people, excess weight increases this problem. That is why if you loose excess weight it will help you battle cellulite. Besides, it is very important to keep your body weight at the same level. If you loose and gain kilos very frequently the skin will lose its elasticity which will prepare a basis for cellulite.

YOU SHOULD MAKE STEADY CHANGES IN YOUR EATING HABITS. You should avoid taking salt, sugar and fat food, coffee, instant coffee, cola and alcohol. It is very important and useful to enrich your dietary with fruit and vegetables.

REGULAR PHYSICAL EXERCISING DOES NOT LEAVE A SPACE TO CELLULITE. Physical activities like walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics, dancing will be your best help-mates in this struggle.

DON’T FORGET TO DRINK WATER. You should not forget to drink 2 liters of water during the period of treatment and later at least 1.5 liters per day.

GIVE UP SMOKING AND AVOID STRESS. Easier said than done; but smoking and stress not only have a very negative impact on the inner organs of the body but also affect our looks.

You can estimate the stage of your cellulite.

Before you start struggling with cellulite you need to know how severe it is. Here there are pictures that will help you estimate the stage of your cellulite.

Stage 0: There is no view of cellulite when you toughen the muscles or leave them relaxed.


Stage 1: Cellulite is not visible when standing but when the muscles are toughened or the skin is pinched the orange-peel effect appears.


Stage 2: Cellulite is visible when standing without toughening the muscles or pinching the skin. But when you lay down or bend forward the orange-peel effect disappears. The problem areas are characterized by paleness, chilliness and loss of elasticity.


Stage 3: Orange-peel skin areas are much wider. Cellulite is visible even when you lay down or bend forward. Paleness, chilliness and loss of elasticity of the skin in the problem areas are very pronounced. In cellulite areas varices can be observed. Small round shaped nodules can be detected with a manual examination.


Stage 4: In any position the skin looks wavy because of cellulite. Because of elasticity loss skin becomes loose. Skin tissues look spongy and flabby. Big, hard and painful nodules can be detected with a manual examination.